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When you design your App, the most important thing is content. Publish5 provides two main of channels, "Dynamic Channels" and "Static Channels".

Dynamic Channels

Dynamic Channels allow you to deliver your content to your users automatically, the following type of channels are available:
Use Google Form to add feedback/order form

1. A Simple Webpage (NEW!)

You can now add a simple webpage to your App. There are many ways to utilize this channel, e.g. by simply adding a Google Form URL then you could have live feedback or order form for your users. If you decide to add a custom page from your website, remember to make sure it will scale dynamically on different mobile devices.

2. RSS/Atom Feed Channels

If you have have a site with RSS feed, a tumblr, or blog on wordpress/blogger, then you can add your content as a RSS/Atom feed channel. If you are not sure about the feed of site, you can use our "Auto-Detect" feature to find our your feed url.**

3. YouTube Channel

Use this channel to show your videos on YouTube. Just enter the username and the channel will show your list of videos. Remember only public videos are listed.

4. Twitter Channel

You can add a Twitter Channel to your app but note that when users click the channel they will be redirected to the mobile twitter. (The change is because Twitter ceases to support public search on its data)

Static Channels

Static Channels allow you to deliver static information to your users. The following type of channels are available: 

Show your local business Map

"Contact Info/About Us" - Add contact information, "about us", address and phone etc.

"Map" - Easily add a map to local business and include your contact number as well.

"Photo Showcase" - Add a few photos to show your company, location, or anything related to your App.

"Useful Links" - Add links that are relevant to your users, e.g. links to Facebook page, homepage etc.

Designing your App on Publish5 is extremely easily, try and publish your App now!

FAQ on Channels

Why my feed Channel is not updating?

We use Google Feed API to pull updates from your feed, if you find your channel is not updating, try to publish your feed or your blog to ping services like http://pingomatic.com, http://blogsearch.google.com/ping, feedburner.com etc.

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