Monday, September 17, 2012

Tip: Picking a Great Icon for Your App

"App Icons? Oh my I am not a graphics designer what should I do? "

No panic, picking a great icon for your App is easier than it sounds. Ok first things first, what is an App Icon? It is the little image that users click to start your App! For example, four of Google's own Apps icons below:

No no, you don't necessarily have to have draw your own Icon Images! Remember, there's only three rules for a good icon image:

  1. Squarish 
  2. Looks good when shrunk to thumb-size
  3. Squarish 

Hm, I seemed to have repeated myself, but anyway, Google has an official tool for convert your photos and images into a proper icon. Check out the icon generator at Android Asset Studio - a simple interface to resize and trim your images for your icon needs. Click on either "image" to start creating your icon out of whatever image resource you have in hand:

Or you start creating an icon from a short text:

Also, somewhere on your website or blog or content, there has to be some part of it that represents your App well. We would recommend Screen Capture (by Google). Once installed, it allows you to capture images you like from your blog, twitter or any other contents. Just install the extension on Chrome and you can convert any region of web pages into an image:

That's it! Hope you enjoy creating your very own Icon Image for your very own App. Enjoy!

Nemo, Publish5 Team

Nemo is the in-house designer of the Publish5 team. In his free time, he surfs the Internet for squarish images that can be used as App Icons. Seriously!

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