Monday, September 17, 2012

Tip: DIY Your First App - Start to Finish

So, how exactly do you DIY your very own Android/iOS App? With Publish5, it is seriously simple - all you take is 3 simple steps!

Step 1: Start Publish5 and Design Your App:

The very first step is obvious: get onto Publish5 and start designing your App!  No knowledge of coding or designing is required - our HTML5 based Android/iPhone simulator shows you how your App gonna be like the moment you make changes. It comes with a simple tutorial to get you started too!

Step 2: Preview Your App Design

So, you got your App design ready and want to see how it looks on a real mobile device? Save your design and choose to go to preview your App. For Android users, download the Test Client from Google Play (formerly the Android Market) and load it in. For iOS, you will be given a short URL to test your iOS(HTML5) App on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Step 3: Generate Your App!

Think your App is ready for version 1.0? Finalize your design and proceed to generation! We now support cross-platform generation so you can create your App to run on both Android and iOS. Our servers will start processing your App once you have chosen your Publish5 Plan. The gnomes inside our server (and our engineers) will start the process of turning your design into reality. You will receive your App within 7 days and that's it, you got your first DIY App!

There you go, instead of spending thousands of dollars on hiring a freelance developer, you have created your own cross-platform mobile App!

Feel free to send us any feedback via the feedback function inside Publish5.

Nemo, Publish5 Team

Nemo is the in-house designer of the Publish5 team. In his free time, he hides from angry freelance developers who have lost their clients to Publish5. 


  1. How about a list of features? Do the apps simply list your blog entries? Can people comment on posts? Are there tabs for things like maps and contact info? Do your apps offer notifications or SMS capabilities?

  2. Hi, thanks for the interest. We have other different type of channels (map, info, Twitter, Youtube). Please feel free to design your App in The design stage is free, you will not have to pay unless you are satisfied with your App and ready to publish. Hope it helps.

  3. hvae phone vezizon yes need help