Friday, February 3, 2012

Tip: What Should I Do with My APK (Android App) File?

So you have published your brand new Android App and you got your APK (Android App) file from us... now what?

Get Published!

The recommended action is to publish it on Google Play (Google Android Market). The major advantage of Google Play is that your App can be installed with greatest ease on most Android devices through Google Play via mobile or web, and most importantly it allows you to update your App on users' devices automatically. This will be very handy if you wish to add channels, change designs or simply incorporate new features or bug fixes from us. To publish your App on Google Play, simply go here.

If you wish an alternate distribution channel, GetJar offers a free option.

How do I install my APK file manually?

All APK files are tested on multiple standard Android devices before they are delivered, so you can get safely go straight to publish it without testing - it will work the way you see it in Publish5's simulation or the Publish5 Test Client. However, if you really insist on installing the APK manually on your device, or you wish to ask your readers to do so (not recommended), you will need the following short instructions. Notice that it is more work than installing from Android Market, so that's not a path we would recommend for the common end user:

Step 1: Allow non-Market Apps

In "Settings -> Applications", make sure "Unknown Sources" is on so non-Market Apps are allowed, like this:

Step 2: Go to and Follow the Instructions

This free handy website allows users to install APK files with minimal resistance. Alternatively, you can do it the as described here in MakeTechEasier.

That's it! Not too painful, but things would be easier if you App is published via Android Market - Google meant it to be the way of least resistance, and your users will have less excuse not to download your App!

Feel free to send us any feedback via the feedback function inside Publish5.

Nemo, Publish5 Team

Nemo is the in-house designer of the Publish5 team. In his free time, he likes manually installing and uninstalling APK files. No, not really.